Captive audience WiFi

Collect the data of every customer who walks through your door.

WiFi log-in provides the capability to capture accurate and meaningful customer data via guest WiFi solutions.

Customers are given a log-in to your WiFi that automatically allows them to ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘follow’ your business, then let’s your customers tell all of their friends about you,

The wireless log-in system

◦ Provides a method to gather the detailed profiles of your customers
◦ Is a channel through which to run targeted promotions and incentives
◦ Allows customers to promote your business to their friends
◦ Integrates with existing CRM systems or as a stand alone CRM system

Also having the ability to

◦ Automatically send deals and offers
◦ Remind customers to leave their review on Trip Advisor
◦ Automatically offer vouchers for a customers repeated visit

The wireless log-in system is a very versatile and as easy system to set up and use and with free WiFi customers stay longer and spend more money.