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Network data cabling, copper & fibre optics 

Infrastructure that your IT system is built on should be a high standard and of lasting quality.

802AIR install the Excel range of products, Excel provides the balance between cost, durability and professional quality needed for high speed reliable data networking.

Excel lifetime product warranty indicates the high standard of the Excel range and the 25 year system warranty is proof of the level of care taken in 802AIR data cabling installations.

Cabling installation technologies  
Structured cabling

Structured cabling solutions provide the infrastructure to support all your communications requirements. Structured cabling includes both building and campus wide data cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardised smaller elements.

Horizontal structured cabling

Horizontal wiring connects data racks and cabinets to individual outlets and work areas on the floor, usually through conduit or ceiling spaces. Most commonly used are category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6), category 6A (CAT6A) Ethernet cabling systems, terminated as RJ45 female socket outlets. These outlets which can be used to connect a wide selection of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet compatible devices into the network.

Vertical structured cabling

Vertical cabling is the structured cabling term used to denote the backbone links between data cabinets. Fibre optic cabling is generally used for backbone links; 62.5/125 OM1, or newer 50/125 OM2 or 50/125 OM3 multimode fibre, or 9/125 OS1 singlemode fibre are all available. The fibre is presented at the patch panel as ST, SC or LC terminations, these are patched into a data switch directly or through pluggable transceivers such as a SFP GBIC.

Screened and unscreened twisted pair

The addition of a foil shield surrounding a copper cable protects from external interferance caused by radiated electrical energy.
Shielded cabling (STP) at worst emits less than one half of one percent (<0.5%) of the power radiated by unshielded cabling (UTP).

External data cabling

Various grades of cable are available for external installation. As a standard all external cabling is protected from water ingress and clad in an outer sheath designed to withstand weathering. Armour protects cabling in more vulnerable locations, using a variation of kevlar braid, foil or tape armour, or steel woven armour (SWA) surround.

Telecoms cabling

Telephone lines today may be ethernet data cable or traditional CW1308 telecoms cable for voice.
At 802AIR we have a good understanding of cabling used for business communications and the methods for interfacing and terminating. Our expert advice can help when extending lines, adding lines, and can even improve ADSL broadband speeds.


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